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Here, finally, our new line of well-being cosmetics. We have designed to differentiate themselves from other lines by a high-quality cosmetics while retaining 100% natural. You'll find facial exfoliant at gold powder, body scrubs at the Tahitian black pearl, rich textures and unforgettable dreams.
It is also much more affordable and restricted, while having a much longer shelf with a new natural process. Enclosed is a full description of each product and each specific massage.

Complete package "trips may Selena" to 1599 € instead of 1800 € ex vat

6 massage training includes:

(Shell self-heating and cooling of Tahiti, bamboo self-heating of africa, pelochons de provence, roller hot peruvian body to bowl kansu of Bulgarian and rose bengal)

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Reminder: the products are shelf after opening.

The team,

Les Professions Esthétiques SPRL.